the right price

Web development is a rather complex endeavour, and web studios do not normally set a pricetag, simply because "it depends". And, while we always negotiate the right price for the job, it would be unfair to leave you completely confused about what to expect, so here it goes.

A typical website for small business costs around 20 000,- NOK plus a little extra for the domain name registration and hosting, which are third-party services that we can help configure.

If what you do is exceptionally exciting, and there's an interesting offer, well, we always enjoy a good talk!

Domain name registration is a service that lets you or your company use an address for your website. For instance, "" is our registered domain name. It is not expensive, but the real price depends on the provider, normally not more than 500,- NOK per year.

Hosting is a service that allows you to rent a small amount of disk space and processing power on a constantly running server in a protected data-center. This is where your webiste resides physically, and where your visitors connect when they type your address in their browser. Single website hosting is inexpensive, you can expect fees around 1000,- NOK per year.