industrial standards

Compromises are not for us, we always go all the way when it comes to technology. Every page we release is valid XHTML for real, every piece of code we deliver is up to today's best practices of programming.

Web development is an exceptionally complex and challangeing field for any computer enthusiast: it combines imperative programming of the application server, declarative database queries, markup for web page layouts, an intriguing mix of everything in the templating system, and functional javascript programming on the client side.

Separating the layers of technology, while making every piece directly available whenever needed, is an objective we met in our very own development framework and f2 content management system.

Of course, there are industrial standards and development technologies that we use every day. Seeing anything familiar?

  • XSLT
  • Object-oriented PHP 5.3 (5.2.1+ also supported)
  • MySQL and CouchDB
  • CSS and XHTML
  • AJAX and JSON
  • jQuery


content management

We use our very own content management system that combines the advancements in rapid web development with elegant and easy to use interface for any content manager.

Please take a look at a few screenshots taken during the development of the website:

A demo version of f2 content management system will be launched soon.

The system implies certain requirements for the hosting platform:

  • PHP 5.3 and above (5.2.1+ supported, but not recommended, earlier versions are not supported)
  • MySQL 4.1 or above
  • Approximately 20 Mbytes of disk space

In case you are not sure, below is a list of fully supported hosting providers in Norway: